A wrongful death occurs when an individual’s death is caused by the wrongdoing, illegal conduct, or negligence of another. This may result from an auto or motorcycle accident, an on the job accident, or merely walking down the street. The possibility exists that the family members of the deceased will have a right to be compensated for their loss against the negligent party.

Wrongful death claims involve complex legal issues and an attorney should be consulted immediately.  Depending on the facts of the case and what remedies are available, at times there may be Widows Benefits that will assist in the support of children left behind.  Furthermore, parents may also be able to recover for the loss of their children.

Damages can be recovered for funeral expenses, medical bills, and the loss of financial support among other losses. Call us immediately for a free consultation if you have lost a loved one so that we may do all possible to see what remedies are available to you.

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